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Related Section Branch

Last Modified:
06 Jun 2019
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The Related Section Branch object is a variation of the Related Content Navigation Object. If the Navigation Object finds a Child Section of the specified name, it creates a link to the child using the link text supplied. If there is no child, it looks at the parent Section, to see whether the parent has a child of the specified name to create the link. If not, then it looks at the parent's parent etc. This could be used to automatically create a link to a section of a Specific name (e.g. Contact us) or it could be used in conjunction with a Related Content Navigation Object that is configured to use the same section name, to create a "more" link to link to the Section that contains more content.

How to create a Related Section Branch Object

To create this object, go to Assets > Navigation and click Create new navigation and select Related Section Branch.

After completing the standard options used for all types of Navigation Objects, fill in each of the following, where relevant:

Name of child section The name of the child Section to which you are linking.
Link text The text that is used for the link.

The link text function is limited for multiple language websites since the same text would be used for all languages. TERMINALFOUR recommends creating a separate Related Section object for each language, using a different Name of child section in each language.

Review your entries and selections, if you are satisfied with your entries, click Next to generate the object.

Once generated, highlight the T4 Tag Embed Code, copy to your clipboard (Ctrl+C) and paste into a Page Layout, Content Layout or a Content Item.