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Broken links

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20 Aug 2019
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The Broken Links Report identifies links within your sites that are not behaving as expected. This could be because the page they link to does not exist anymore, or they may be a permission problem preventing links from being followed.

Go to Measure > Quality Control > Broken links

Task Scheduler

For broken links to be listed in the report, an External link checker report must be scheduled under Task Scheduler


Once an External link checker task has run, the listing will display the Content Items that contain broken links.

When you click on the Action menu you'll see links to:

Entries can be sorted and filtered.

Screengrab of the Broken Links Report

For each broken link the Content name, Location, Language, Link type and Response will be displayed.

Edit Content

Clicking on the Content Item name or selecting Edit Content from the Actions menu will take you to the edit Content Item page where the broken link is outlined in red.

Screengrab of broken links highlighted in the Broken Link Report

You can then fix the broken link and save the Content Item.

Response Information

Clicking the response will provide detail on the broken link:

Screengrab of the Response Information modal in the Broken Links Report