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Publish channels

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31 May 2019
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Publishing a Channel takes all the changes since the last publish and publishes them to the site, as configured. To do so, select the Channels you wish to publish and click the Publish Channels button to add them to the queue.

Please note that it is assumed that the Channels and Microsites have been correctly configured.

There are two main types of publication:

  1. Scheduled
    • initiated by a scheduled task (automatic)
  2. Manual
    • initiated manually (on demand)

How to use Publish Channels

Go to Sites & Channels > Publish Channels.

Screengrab of the Select Channels to Publish screen

The page is divided into two main sections:

Publish Queue

The publish queue is displayed on the left. The publish queue lists triggered publishes that are queued by the system. Scheduled publishes are not shown unless they are about to run.

Schedule Publish and Publish Channels

The right of the screen lists all available Publish Channels and allows for publishes to be initiated by a scheduled publish or initiated manually (on demand).

Publish Queue

By default, this displays details of all publish types for both manual and scheduled publishes. Publish types can be filtered by selecting the relevant option from the drop-down:

  • All publish types (default)
  • Channel publishes
  • Microsite publishes
  • Section publishes
  • Branch publishes
  • Content publishes

Screenshot of the Publish Queue panel 

Publishes are displayed by status:
1. In progress: publishes that are currently running
2. Queued: publishes that are queued to run in the future
3. Done: publishes that have run

The following information is displayed:

Publish type The type of publish Channel publish
Microsite publish
Branch publish
Branch publish - Multiple branches
Section publish
Section publish - Multiple Sections
Content publish (A section publish that is initialized within the content)
Channel name The name of the Channel Main website
Date / time In progress tasks, the date/time that the publish started is displayed
For Queued tasks, the date/time the publish was triggered is displayed
For Done tasks, the date/time the publish was completed is displayed
User Fullname and username of the user who initiated the publish. User details are not displayed for scheduled publishes. Joe Bloggs (admin)
Duration For In progress publishes, the duration is displayed in hh:mm:ss format 00:00:09
Status For Done publishes, a green tick icon is displayed for a successful publish  
View output For In progress publishes, a link is provided to view the publish output See further information.
View report For Done publishes, a link is provided to view the publish report  

View output

It is possible to view to view the output of a running publish by clicking the View output link. The publish output modal displays basic information about the publish and two tabs contain more specific information.

  • Output: Displays the publish log output. The log will automatically scroll to the most recent output.
  • Call stack: Displays the current stack trace of the publish. This can be useful for determining the status of the publish, or for identifying issues like stalled or blocked publishes.

Schedule publish

Screenshot of the Schedule publish button

This allows a publish to be scheduled either once or ongoing.

Screenshot of schedule publish modal

Next due Sets the date/time for the next/first execution of the task
Execution interval Sets the frequency of the scheduled publish. Options are; Once, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, 5 days, 6 days, 1 week
Fixed rate Sets if the task to add/update should run on a fixed rate
Infinite Sets the task to run indefinitely
Maximum executions If infinite is not selected, this will set the maximum number of times this task should run
Channel Sets the Channel to publish
Publish archive sections If, Allow advanced options for scheduled publishes is enabled in the Preview & Publish Settings, this option is available. If checked, it forces a publish of archive sections (configured on the General tab when Creating or Edting a Section)
Override publish period restriction If, Allow advanced options for scheduled publishes is enabled in the Preview & Publish Settings, this option is available. If checked, it publishes all fulltext content, even if the fulltext publish period on the Channel is not complete.

Once confirmed, the publish will run as configured.

Fixed rate example your Channel has these parameters:

  • Execution interval of 1 hour
  • Starts at 12:00
  • 80 minute runtime

You may notice that the runtime exceeds the interval of 1 hour by 20 minutes. There are two options:

  • Without a fixed rate, it would add the Execution interval (1 hour) to the scheduled time (12:00) plus the execution interval (1 hour) so would return 1:00 as the next publish due, but since that time has already passed because the runtime exceeds the interval by 20 minutes, it would do the calculation again and this time return 2:00.
  • With a fixed rate, the next due would be calculated as time task ended (1:20) plus the execution interval (1 hour) so would return 2:20 as the next publish.

Publish Channels

Screenshot of publish channels button

Before Channels can be published, they must be enabled from the list of Channels.

Screenshot of enable publish button

Toggling on the Enable publish for the Channel allows the Channel publish options to be displayed.

Edit Links to the Channel edit page
Publish pending version Triggers a Pending version publish on this Channel (only shows if configured on your Channel)
Publish archive sections Forces a publish of archive sections
Override publish period restriction Publishes all fulltext content, even if the fulltext publish period on the Channel is not complete
Complete Channel Publishes the complete Channel
Microsites If microsites exist for the Channel, the microsite(s) can be selected for publishing

Once the publish options have been set for the Channel(s), clicking Publish Channels will then add them to the Publish queue on the left of the screen where progress can be monitored.

Command Line Publish

You can bypass logging into TERMINALFOUR interface to initiate publishes by using the Command Line Interface (CLI).