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Terminalfour: 8.3.16

Date Released:
May 2 2023


Google Analytics changes


In this version, we have made two significant changes to how Google Analytics works in the product:

Removal of the Google Analytics Dashboard

Terminalfour now supports Google Analytics 4

Improvements to Direct Edit


Following the Direct Edit enhancements in 8.3.15 we've made further improvements to how JavaScript is implemented. This will allow content in carousels, galleries and slides to be more easily editable in Direct Edit.

More flexibility from Broken Links Reporting 🔗


We've updated the Broken Links reporting tool to improve performance and make it easier to filter unwanted links. Now you can use basic regular expressions on the excluded URLs page:

  • to exclude anchor links, add ^#* 
  • to exclude anchor links, add ^mailto:[^s]*

Formatting internal links just got easier 👍


We've had a lot of positive feedback since we upgraded TinyMCE in 8.3.12, but one thing that has come up a few times is how difficult it can be to add custom formatting to Section and Content Links. We've changed it so a double click is now required to show the options modal, making it easier to select the text and add formatting.

Kerberos has been removed 🫡


We want to thank Kerberos for its service and wish it all the best in the future. We deprecated it back in 8.3.13 and are removing the code in this release.

Security fix (RDSM-36840)

This update resolves an authentication vulnerability (CVE-2023-29484) where, given specific conditions, an LDAP user with an incorrectly configured LDAP identifier could log into the Terminalfour platform using an invalid password.

By default, an imported LDAP user would have the correct LDAP identifier set. To exploit this vulnerability the LDAP identifier of an importer user would need to have been manually altered to an incorrect value.

With this release, a user with an incorrectly set LDAP identifier is no longer able to log into the Terminalfour platform with an incorrect password.

Minor issues

The filter value in the Content tab persists across Sections


When you filtered for a value in the Content Item in a Section, that value would persist in the next Section you visited, which could cause confusion. It's fixed now.

After adding a Child Section, the Site Structure listing didn't update


The Site Structure is immediately updated when you add a Child Section from the Child Section tab.

Don't show the table options in the context menu when there's no table


Previously, when you right-clicked in TinyMCE or Direct Edit, you would see a list of table options in the context menu, whether or not you were editing a table. Now you'll only see table options when you are editing a table which should help speed you up (if Hick's Law is anything to go by).


Issue Type Issue key Summary Priority Component/s
Bug RDSM-36840 Fixed authentication issue P2 Authentication
Story RDSM-33435 Remove Kerberos related code from the product P3 Authentication
Bug RDSM-36483 List Auto mirroring reversing section mapping P3 Content
Bug RDSM-33745 The filter value in the Content tab persists across Sections P3 Content
Change Request RDSM-36633 The Quick Toolbar should reflect the options available in the default HTML Editor P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-36452 When the content name text is too long it goes off the tooltip container in DE P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-34089 Clicking on a Media Item in Direct Edit with a Section or Content Link results in failed modal loading P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-34048 Content Item name tooltip does not escape special characters P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33987 In Direct Edit it is possible to delete a content item that was locked by another user during the current edit P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33542 JavaScript in the iframe of DE sometimes does not fire P3 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-34034 Fields mapped to Amount and Currency in the payment gateway details are not saved correctly P3 Form Builder
Bug RDSM-32335 Redirect to a TERMINALFOUR section is not saved on form creation P3 Form Builder
Epic RDSM-36485 Upgrading Google Analytics and removing the GA Dashboard P3 Google Analytics
Story RDSM-32560 Support V4 of Google Analytics - PM-3280 P3 Google Analytics
Bug RDSM-36773 After creating a child section from the More tab within section the Sections pane on the left hand side does not refresh and show the + symbol P3 Hierarchy
Bug RDSM-36647 Error in browser console for Direct Edit when loading images that are in a block level element P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-34006 Broken Links report has broken links for media items P3 Media Library
Story RDSM-34084 Don't show the table options in the context menu when there's no table P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-33567 Formatting to entire paragraph that contains links cannot be applied P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-36810 Media items don't load and an error is thrown when accessing the Media Library page using Chrome or Edge P3 Media Library
Bug RDSM-36646 Media category path in Broken Links report is displayed as Not translated > Not translated P3 Broken Links Report
Bug RDSM-36645 Duplicate entries in the Broken links report for media P3 Broken Links Report
Bug RDSM-34019 Content translated into multiple languages are not shown in broken links report correctly P3 Broken Links Report
Bug RDSM-33935 Broken Link Report recording anchor tags as broken links P3 Broken Links Report
Bug RDSM-33820 TinyMCE 5 table plugin adds row heading P3 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-32063 Something went wrong error pops up on Save changes attempt on Quality Control page P3 Quality Control
Bug RDSM-30739 Auto-mirrored content is only mirrored into one of the selected sections P3 Content
Bug RDSM-26185 Users/groups with edit rights on parent section should be displayed for the child sections as well P3 Users
Bug RDSM-25297 Console error when saving quality control config page P3 Quality Control
Bug RDSM-36679 Automirror List is not working properly P4 Content
Change Request RDSM-36530 Default to "Show a message" if request for submission settings fail during a publish P4 Form Builder
Bug RDSM-33636 Improve checking if formbank is connected to improve list performance P4 Form Builder
Bug RDSM-25026 Time frame for analytics in direct edit is not clear P4 Google Analytics
Bug RDSM-36567 Its not possible to update an existing Excluded URL in the Quality Control page P4 Product Configuration
Bug RDSM-36780 "Page not fully loaded yet" info gritter when trying to Save Changes to a parent section after you create a child section P4 Section
Bug RDSM-36453 TinyMCE issues when using Custom Style Buttons P4 TinyMCE
Bug RDSM-36566 Unable to save the Quality control configuration page after the option "Schedule check" has been enabled and "Next run" date is empty P4 Quality Control
Bug RDSM-36501 Site Structure header gets re-rendered when filtered results get rendered causing issues with the filter input P4 Site Structure
Bug RDSM-36450 Quick Toolbar is obscured by the Content name tooltip P4 Direct Edit
Bug RDSM-33689 When creating a new content layout the code box has whitespace already in it P4 Content Layout
Bug RDSM-22095 Broken links in page layouts bring you to edit them as content P4 Broken Links Report

Before upgrading

In advance of the upgrade please view the information and Technical Roadmap. Please contact us prior to upgrading we can provide you with the pre and post-upgrade tasks.


Please note that the priorities assigned to bugs differ from those assigned to Client Support tickets:

  • P1 - Major rework of product.
  • P2 - Major performance change. 
  • P3 - Regular priority change. 
  • P4 - Minor change. 
  • Trivial - Very minor UI changes.