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Error reports

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27 Nov 2018
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The error report allows you to search the TERMINALFOUR logs for errors that have been reported in your installation. Use the tools to search the error logs. You can use as many or as little of the options as you like, there are no required elements.

To search for logged errors within the system go to System Administration > System Reports > Error Report.

Search tools

Error Select a specific error from the list
Action taken Select a specific action from the list
Start date The date and time to start
End date  The date and time to end
Restrict to user  Select to restrict the search to a specific user 
Section  Select to restrict the search to a specific section 
Restrict to content  Select to restrict the search to specific content
Content ID Enter the content id to restrict the search to specific content 

Click Search error logs to display the search results.

Search results

Results matching the search will be displayed in the listing. Results can be sorted and filtered. 

Description  The action taken. Click to view more information.
Section  The full path to the section. Click to edit the section.
Content Name of the content. Click to edit the content.
User The username and full name of the user who took the action e.g. admin (Joe Bloggs)
Action date  The date and time the action was taken e.g. April 4, 2016 9:30 PM

The Actions menu options will vary depending on the type of result:

  1. View more information
  2. Edit content
  3. Edit section

Error log entry

Clicking View more information displays further information on the error

ID A unique id for the action e.g. 4196
Occurred The date and time the action occurred e.g. October 27, 2017 5:48 AM
Action The action taken e.g. Publish site
Type The type of action e.g. Error
Severity The severity of the action e.g. Error
Message The description of the action e.g. Scheduled Task 'Channel publish for the main channel. Every 10 minutes.' failed with an error.
Remote address e.g. 
Stack trace If available, e.g. java.lang.NullPointerException at com.terminalfour.publish.task.ChannelPublishTask.merge(

Download as CSV

Click Download as CSV to download the results in a CSV file that can be opened in Excel.