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Managing Content

Whether you are a System Administrator or Content Editor, you'll notice that content comes first in TERMINALFOUR.

Published content uses reusable templates called Content Types which determine the structure of that content. Take a news article – the Content Type for this might include the following elements:

  • Title
  • Article Body
  • Image

Because we've created a News Article Content Type with these elements, we have a structure for each news article we create.

Once we have a Content Type, we need to think about how that content will be presented when it's published. Enter: Content Layouts. A single Content Type can have multiple Content Layouts so the same news article content can be published as HTML on the main news page of your site and as RSS or JSON. Creating an HTML Content Layout is as easy as writing your markup and adding T4 Tags as placeholders for the content that will be displayed on publish.

The Media Library is not just the hub for media assets like images and video; you can also upload JavaScript, CSS and documents (like Word docs and PDFs). Media Library assets can be reused across multiple sites.

Sometimes content editing is easier when you can see how those changes will look on the published site. With Direct Edit you can do exactly that – add and edit content directly within a preview of the page. This makes content editing a breeze for experienced and occasional users alike.