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CDN/PXL Channel Configuration

Last Modified:
15 Jul 2020
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Channel settings

An additional configuration option has been added to the Channel settings for CDN/PXL. This setting is named CDN/PXL S3 folder name and is located under Publish Options.

This is the directory where CDN/PXL Media Items will be published for that Channel. The value of this setting must be unique on your system and cannot match any other Channel's or Microsite's CDN/PXL S3 folder name value.

CDN/PXL folder name setting in Channel settings

In the event that this value is not set, the value will be generated for you using the channels ID, although it is advisable to set this value.

CDN/PXL must be enabled before you can set the CDN/PXL S3 folder name value in your Channels.

The CDN/PXL S3 folder name configuration option is hidden and not displayed in the Channels setting page when CDN/PXL is disabled. 

Channel Name

Channel ID

CDN/PXL S3 folder name

Example CDN/PXL URLs




The CDN/PXL S3 folder name is used in the URLs.


The CDN/PXL S3 folder name is generated when it doesn't exist.


Microsites and CDN/PXL

Types of Microsites

Using CDN/PXL with Microsites is similar, however, there are some slight differences depending on the type of Microsite.

There are two types of Microsites: 

  • Fully-formed
  • Symbolic

 The type of Microsite you have depends on the settings that are configured for the Microsite and the parent Channel.

A microsite is considered Fully-formed when the following criteria are true

  • The parent Channel of the microsite has a Base HREF set
  • The parent Channel of the microsite has an output directory set
  • The Microsite has a Base HREF set
  • The Microsite has an output directory set

If at least one of the above criteria is not met, then the Microsite is considered a Symbolic microsite.

What does this mean for CDN/PXL?

The CDN/PXL S3 folder name configuration option is only displayed for Fully-formed Microsites shown when CDN/PXL is set up and enabled.

The CDN/PXL S3 folder name option will not be displayed for Symbolic Microsites

Type of Microsite


Fully-formed Microsite

It is possible to set and uses its own CDN/PXL S3 folder name.
If this is not set, it will be generated using the Microsites ID.

Symbolic Microsite

Uses the parent’s CDN/PXL S3 folder name. It is not possible to set a CDN/PXL S3 folder name