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Events Calendar Views

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22 May 2019
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A View generally is based on a module. 

They are located in the views/modules/ directory in the zip file.

View NameName in the ListTypeDescription
Result-Page General Page (Headings + Listing) Main View Includes Result-Headings and Result-OnlyList
Result-Headings   Secondary View Shows The Heading with Previous and Next links:

Event Calendar Results Headings

Result-OnlyList   Main View

List of your events.

Screenshot of the Events Calendar Results Only Page

Calendar-Page   Main View

Display the Month View

 Screenshot of Events Calendar Main View

Result-Single   Secondary View

Event Fulltext PHP Code to print the correct date:

Event Calendar Single Result

Result-Canonical You can't select this View. Secondary View


<link rel="canonical" ... />

<link rel="next" ... />

<link rel="prev" ... />

Download-Ical You can't select this View. Secondary View Add the iCal version of the event
Calendar-Mini Mini Calendar Secondary View

Add the Mini Calendar

Screenshot of the Events Calendar Mini

Calendar-Switches   Secondary View

Add the link to change the view to daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or see all events

Search-GoToDropdown   Secondary View

Add the Go To Form to switch quickly between months and years

Screenshot of the Events Calendar Go to Dropdown

Search-GenericFieldandRadioCategories   Secondary View

Add the Search Form with the keyword, the checkbox to show/hide past events and categories

Screenshot of Events Calendar Generic Search

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