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08 Aug 2019
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Modules let you extend the functionality of TERMINALFOUR.

  • Events Calendar
    • a fully-featured events calendar that integrates directly with TERMINALFOUR. It can display events from Content Items, a Google calendar, or from an iCal feed (or file). Included in the features are event listings, categories, search, recurring events and multi-day events. You can see an example of the Events Calendar on the TERMINALFOUR Sample Site.
  • Access Control
    • add an authentication requirement to a published page for site visitors. The authentication may be via a login screen using any configured authentication service (e.g. NTLM, LDAP, Shibboleth, TERMINALFOUR Local User Login, IP address or.htaccess file). For example, you might have a staff-only area of your site that should only be accessible by specific Groups or Users

These modules have been created by the Professional Services team. To check out these features in action, have a look at the Sample Site.

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