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CDN/PXL Previewing

Last Modified:
15 Jul 2020
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There are three types of "preview" in Terminalfour and each behaves the same when previewing PXL images.

  1. Normal section & content preview
  2. Direct Edit content preview
  3. HTML editor (TinyMCE) preview when editing content

CDN attribute

When previewing files that have a CDN attribute, the file is treated as a normal file. The preview creates a temporary local copy of the image for the purpose of the preview. The file is not pushed to the CDN.

PXL Filter attribute

When previewing images that have a PXL filter attribute, the file is pushed to the PXL application. This allows you to preview the image with your PXL filter applied to the image, so you can see what it will look like in the content. The file pushed to the PXL application is temporary and will be removed after 24 hours.