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Get up and running with TERMINALFOUR Web API

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22 Oct 2019
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With TERMINALFOUR’s Web Services API, you can view and edit Sections, content and assets without logging into the interface. This takes the possibilities of what can be done with TERMINALFOUR beyond the features offered in the product alone. With the Web Services API, you can integrate TERMINALFOUR with your own or other services in a custom web or native mobile application.

The full Web Services API reference docs are available here

Throughout this series of articles, we'll get familiar with the TERMINALFOUR Web API so we can add, modify and remove content and Sections without the TERMINALFOUR interface.

  1. Using Postman to authenticate into TERMINALFOUR and view the About page
  2. Modifying the Site Structure
  3. Creating and changing Content Types and Content Items


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