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Dashboard Module Configuration

Last Modified:
02 Dec 2020
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A guide to configuring the Dashboard Module in Terminalfour

When the Dashboard Package has been installed a new Section is created in the location you specified as the "Destination Section". The Content Items in this Section and its Child Sections contain the configuration settings for the Dashboard:

The Dashboard Section and Child Sections that feature editable Content Items

Dashboard Content Item

You can specify the Dashboard elements – the data and charts – which are visible to Users based on their Role:

Configuring Dashboard Roles

The options for Dashboard elements are:

  • Contributor (All users)
  • Moderator (Moderators, Power users and Administrators)
  • Power user (Power users and Administrators)
  • Administrator (Only Administrators)
  • Disabled

Dashboard Role Configuration Options

Welcome Message Content Item

Administrators can change the welcome message for the Dashboard:

Dashboard Configuration Welcome Message

Session Information Content Item

You can specify how many months you'd like to show inactive users:

Configure Dashboard Session Information

Content Information Content Item

If you'd like to skip certain Sections from Dashboard inspection you can add the (comma-separated) Section IDs here:

Specify the Dashboard to skip Sections


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