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Google Calendar Events

Last Modified:
22 May 2019
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You can integrate the Event Calendar Module with Google Calendars. You'll need to 

  • Allow Google API
  • Allow the Calendars to be public and get their ID

Allow Google API 

  • Go to the Google API Developers Console
  • Create a new Project and name it 
  • Enable Google Calendar API:
    • Go to Library
    • Under Google Apps API, select Calendar API
    • Click Enable
  • Download the credentials:
    • Go to Credentials
    • Click Create Credentials
    • Choose Service account key
      • Service Account: Compute Engine default service account
      • Key Type: JSON
    • Click Create
      • the file will be downloaded

The downloaded JSON file is a Google API Token that must be uploaded to the Media Library.

This file contains security information. We suggest that you place this outside the localhost root where the website is hosted and add the absolute path to the Google API Token.

Allow the Calendars to be public and get their ID

Go to Google Calendar

  • First, make the calendar public:
    • Click on the arrow beside the calendar name
    • Select Share this Calendar
    • Tick Make this calendar public
  • Get the Calendar ID:
    • Go to the Calendar Details tab 
    • In Calendar Address, you will find: (Calendar ID: xxxx) 
    • Copy that value

This value is the Google Calendar ID

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