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Events Calendar Module

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01 Sep 2019
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The calendar module is a fully featured events calendar that integrates directly with TERMINALFOUR. It can display events from Content Items, a Google calendar, or from an iCal feed (or file). Included in the features are event listings, categories, search, recurring events and multi-day events. You can see an example of the Events Calendar on the TERMINALFOUR Sample Site.

Event Calendar Guides

Features and improvements

The following features and improvements were added in v2 of the TERMINALFOUR Events Calendar:

  • Blade Templating Engine Support – the calendar's markup is no longer tied to the core calendar logic. You can now create flexible calendar designs of your own, or use our built-in templates.
  • Google Calendar Support – you can now choose to manage your events in Google Calendar and display them on your website automatically.
  • Calendar Module Support – it's now easier than ever to show events anywhere on your site.
  • Improved Caching – caching improvements mean faster load times, especially when you have a large number of events
  • Better Recurring Event Support – you can now set an end time for recurring events.
  • All-Day Event Support – Events can now be added as "all-day events" with no start and end time.
  • Improved iCal Support – downloading an event to your local calendar is now easier than ever.
  • Multi-Select List Categories –Lists are no longer limited to just Select Boxes in TERMINALFOUR. Multi-Select, Cascading List and Checkboxes are now supported so multiple categories can be used with a single event.
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